Thursday, July 26, 2018

New Database Available - CultureVision!

New database available to ensure culturally competent patient care is given, CultureVision.  Check it out today!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

UpToDate Advanced Now Available!

UpToDate® Advanced is now available to FIU HWCOM students and faculty.  UpToDate Advanced is designed to reduce care variation and support clinical decision with current evidence-base content in:

UpToDate Pathways - Interactive algorithms to streamline your decision making when addressing common medical conditions that have multiple management, diagnoses, or treatment options. 

Lab Interpretation - Monographs and algorithm charts that provide recommendations and interpretations to more quickly and accurately interpret and decide on next steps, especially for lab results out of the normal range.

Find Pathways and Lab Interpretation right in UpToDate

If an UpToDate Pathway or Lab Interpretation Monograph is available for your search term in UpToDate, it will appear in your search results.

This icon indicates an UpToDate Pathway in your search results.

This icon indicates a Lab Interpretation monograph in your search results.

You may also visit the UpToDate Pathways table of contents to explore all UpToDate Pathways.

We hope this new solution will support you in delivering the best care possible.

Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine (24 video series)

Check out 24 videos under the 'Medical School for Everyone: Emergency Medicine' title from The Great Courses available to FIU students via the streaming video database Kanopy: