Monday, July 10, 2017

New Siesta Room (GL 362) - Relax and Recharge

Dear students,

During the last academic year we heard many complaints from MD and PA students about the noise in the library.  This year, to better accommodate your needs, the library will be exclusively used for quiet study / reading.  The room in the back of the library previously used for group study will no longer be available for group meetings/study sessions, as there was frequently too much noise and we've had numerous complaints as well as requests to suspend group access to prevent this disturbance.

There are multiple rooms in AHC 2 and AHC 4 that are dedicated for group study, please use these from now on.  As per your requests, we now introduce you to the Siesta Room (GL 362), as a replacement to the previous group study room. You can now use the space to quietly relax and recharge.  

We hope you will like the change and look forward to hearing from you when you're back in July and August.

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