Thursday, February 19, 2015

Medical Library Spring Break Hours 2015

Please be aware that the University Spring Break  begins March 9th.   Although the Green Library building will have shortened hours, the Medical Library will still be open (times listed below).  During these times, the doors to the Green Library building will remain open until 11pm.  As long as you are in the Green Library by 11pm, you will be able to stay in the Medical Library on evenings where the Medical Library is open past 11pm.

Saturday, March 7th – 8am-10pm
Sunday, March 8th- 10am- 1am
Monday, March 9th -8am-1am
Tuesday, March 10th- 8am-1am
Wednesday, March 11th- 8am-1am
Thursday, March 12th- 8am-1am
Friday, March 13th- 8am- 6pm
Saturday, March 14th- 10am -10pm

Regular Hours resume: Sunday, March 15th – 10am- 1am