Friday, December 13, 2013

Medical Library Hours During the Winter Break

Please be aware that the Winter break intersession for the rest of the FIU campus begins this Sunday, December 15th.   Although the Green Library building will have shortened hours, the Medical Library will still be open (times listed below).  During these times, the doors to the Green Library building will remain open until 11pm.  As long as you are in the Green Library by 11pm, you will be able to stay in the Medical Library on evenings where the Medical Library is open past 11pm.
·      Sunday, December 15th, 12 noon-1am
·         Monday, December 16th to Thursday, December 19th (8am-1am)
·         Friday, December 20th (8am-6pm)
·         Saturday, December 21st (Closed)
·         Sunday, December 22nd (Closed)
·         Monday, December 23rd (8am-6pm)
·         Thursday, December 26th (8am-6pm)
·         Friday, December 27th (8am-6pm)
·         Saturday, December 28th (Closed)
·         Sunday, December 29th (Closed)
·         Monday, December 30th (8am-6pm)
·         Tuesday, December 31st (Closed)
Special Hours and Schedule in January
·         Wednesday, January 1st (Closed)
·         Thursday, January 2nd (8am-6pm)
·         Friday, January 3rd (8am-6pm)
·         Saturday, January 4th (Closed)
·         Sunday, January 5th, (12 noon-1am)
Regular Hours resume:  Monday, January 6th
Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Tablet App for E-Journal Access - Browzine

You can now get Browzine - a tablet app for iPad or Android devices - through FIU Libraries. This app allows you to quickly access the full-text of e-journals that FIU Libraries provide. Please note that only a subset of the e-journals and their issues that FIU Medical Library subscribes to are available through this app due to the systems issues between the app and each publisher's website.

This app is not currently available for the smartphone but this should be supported early next year.

Download the app on your tablet device and select FIU as your institution. Enjoy!