Tuesday, May 15, 2012

E-Resources' on-campus access problem and a workaround

FIU UTS is performing maintenance at this moment. As a result, the EZProxy which enables all remote access to the library's e-resources is affected. If you have any issue with accessing e-resources on the campus, follow the steps below.

  • Right click the URL of the e-resource on the Medical Library website
  • Copy and paste the URL onto the URL window of a web browser or a text editor.
  • The URL will look like this: http://ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url=https://online.epocrates.com
  • Remove the ezproxy part in the beginning ( http://ezproxy.fiu.edu/login?url= ).
  • Copy the part after '='. (In this case,  https://online.epocrates.com )
  • Paste into the URL window of a web browser.
  • You should be all set!
Feel free to contact us at medlib@fiu.edu if you have any questions!

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