Friday, November 5, 2010

Medical Library receives the 2010/2011 Tech Fee Award

The Medical Library has received the 2010/2011 FIU Tech Fee Award of $4,550. The Medical Library will use the award to purchase and install five additional copies of a suite of human anatomy software - VH Dissector Pro, Cadaver Dissection Guide, and Surface Palpation Guide on library computers in order to enhance the learning and teaching activities of FlU College of Medicine students and faculty.

The VH Dissector suite allows medical students to learn human anatomy more efficiently and quickly with the aid of technology and provides medical students who have little or no access to cadavers with a virtual body containing over 2,000 anatomic structures that they can explore and learn from in a manner similar to cadaver dissection. They allow medical faculty and students to examine the human body from any combination of traditional views, including cross-sectional, systemic, clinical, surface, regional and surgical Describe the anatomy.

See the complete list of 2010/2011 Tech Fee Award recipients:

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