Thursday, June 3, 2010

Visualize U.S. Health Data with Health Maps

Try these two new resources for medical statistics and hospital information!

BING Health Maps

“Bing Health Maps is very straightforward to use - (1) Select a state and, (2) Select a Community Health Indicator.

The map will re-center on the respective state and color-code the counties within that state based on unit-based reporting.

You can select health indicators such as Birth Indicators (low birth weight, premature births, births to women under 18, etc.); Death Measures (homicide, lung cancer, stroke, etc.) or Health Risk Factors (obesity, smokers, high blood pressure, etc.). If the opacity doesn’t suit your fancy there’s a slider to increase or decrease it.

Through the overlaying of health data onto Bing Maps, the application allows users to get a complex perspective on specific areas of the US in terms of medical statistics. Bing Health Maps provides a way for health statistics related to location to be quickly and easily understood.”
(From Softpedia)

Google Hospital Map

Find out information about hospitals for a certain location and filter them by various factors such as Heart Attack: 30-day mortality.

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