Saturday, October 24, 2009

MD Consult Mobile

MD Consult Mobile is available for the following devices now. For more information about how to use this service, please see

Quick Start Guide:

The system is designed for the iPhone, Blackberries, and phones that use Windows Mobile 6. However, other phones do have the option to click 'Continue' and use without formatting.

Phones outside of the iPhone and T-Mobile G1 may not display all of our system formatting with their built-in browser. We are providing the ability to download the Opera Mini browser which supports our system formatting. Users can find a link to the Opera Mini browser right in MD Consult Mobile, on the Information menu (the "I" button) under "Device Configuration."

Logins: Because individuals' phones are completely unknown to MD Consult, the mobile system requires personal login accounts. Users can do this by clicking 'Create Account' in MD Consult from any workstation at your institution.

Note: users will need to log out of MD Consult on the workstation before logging into their phone.
Remember Me Is Automatic: Once logged in on their phones, users will not have to enter their login information on successive use. Below are two links to help you get started. These links will provide you with PDF flyers that you can print, share, email or post on your intranet to let your stakeholders know more about the program.

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