Thursday, September 3, 2009

Medscape Mobile - Free WebMD drug database on iPhone/iPod

WebMD launched a free IPhone/IPod application, Medscape Mobile. It provides medical news and offers a free drug database.

You can download it here at:

Medscape Mobile is a free information service and its comprehensive features include:
  • Drug database of over 6,000 generic and brand name drugs, plus hundreds of herbals, supplements and antidotes.
  • Drug interaction checker that quickly shows interactions for a combination of up to 30 drugs, herbals and/or supplements
  • Medscape Medical News with up-to-date, specialty-focused medical content across more than 30 specialties.
  • Continuing Medical Education from MedscapeCME in formats created specifically for the mobile device.
  • The WebMD Health Directory featuring contact information for over 400,000 physicians, 57,000 pharmacies, and 6,000 hospitals in a convenient search format.

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